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 Class sizes strictly limited!  While we hope to fill every class to capacity, this sometimes does not happen. Class sizes of five or less may be canceled at the discretion of the director. If this occurs, we will do everything to place your dancer in another suitable class.

Designed to help working parents AND to offer a supportive, nurturing learning environment including SAFE SOCIAL interaction and keep your student active, we are pleased to offer the DDLLEC at Stars Studio!  We are available Monday-Friday 8-4 PM...print out the paperwork below for more details!

2020-2021 Registration Paperwork

Dis-DANCE Learning Lab/Enrichment Camp

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E-mail US for your personalized registration appointment -dancewithstars@verizon.net

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The Registration Process

Each dancer is different, so it is only right to provide them with a unique registration process. Before we register a child, we will take them and their parents/guardians on a tour of our facility. A one-on-one sit-down with one of our experienced dance instructors will follow the tour.

In this meeting, you will discuss which of our programs have piqued your interest. You'll also be given a list of classes that are suitable for your dancers' age and ability. We make every effort to place each dancer in the appropriate classes, but we may have to make adjustments depending on your dancer's skill level.  We do not "post" our schedule on-line.

There is a $25.00 nonrefundable, registration fee per dancer. Please refer to our 2020-2021 fee schedule for additional payment information and policies.

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